Dec 2, 2009


In our pursuit and love for everything fast… fast food…. fast life and everything else we tend to neglect our very roots, our culture and the way in which our parents lived. The elaborate processes involved in making everything from curries to chutneys and powders using motor and pestle… the aromas that wafted in the house when the grinding took place in motor and pestle or other traditional methods. Todays modernization has probably made life easier and quicker but the taste and flavor is never the same. And being born in India, a country with a rich culture, history and heriatage, I am extremely possessive about everything Indian. And so when I got a chance to attend dear hubby’s friend’s wedding in a small town in Andhra Pradesh (a state in India for those who aren’t aware) I was super excited. And then the friend belongs to a small village. So I didn’t miss the chance of capturing typical village scenes in our camera, courtesy my husband. This blog today is more a reflection of the scents and smells of a typical Indian village which still uses age old methods in everyday life in today’s fast and crazy life. Hope you will enjoy this. Please do leave your comments to let me know what you think of this attempt.

An instrument used in farming

getting ready to cook the afternoon lunch for the guests

Making DAL

Making chutney in the tried and tested traditional methods

Band bajas (orchestra) at the marriage

A village house

Indegenous method to drive away mosquitoes... the villager sets fire to some dry grass to create smoke to drive away flies and mosquitoes from his cattle shed.

Election campaigning on the walll hehe
(meaning vote for mr.mallkarjun reddy, symbol gas stove)

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