Dec 3, 2009


Today I am moving out of my regular turf of writing food blogs to pay my tributes to the victims of Bhopal Gas disaster that shook whole of India and is considered the worst ever industrial disaster. Today it is 25 years since this tragedy struck Bhopal and it is cynical that the subsequent governments havent done anything to support or rehabilitate the victims. The whole are where the disaster occured is completely polluted with chemical residues and the people living there still have to rely on the polluted ground water having no access to other sources of water supply. The victims and their subsequent generations have been disabled with traces of the toxins still found newly born infants. All this happened the culprits who are responsible for this tragedy are roaming free with no action being taken on them. The groups which are fighting for justice are running from pillar to post trying to get some justice for the victims. Lets hope that the victims get justice at some point and the culprits are punished for their acts of cruelty and inhumanity.

My blog today is dedicated to the victims of this tragedy, to pay homage and respects to those who lost their lives and those who are still struggling to live a normal life after being affected by the disaster.... the consequence of the negligence of a few.

May God be with them and help them recover both physically and psychologically.

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